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We all like to spend our free time talking our heart out happily. But so many times we do not have anyone with whom we can share our views or opinions. Either our friends, as well as relatives, are staying quite away from us or we find it hard to share our feeling with them for fear of rejection or ostracism.

Random Chat

In such cases, we lookout for random chat sites which do not necessitate disclosure of identity. We can chat on them without the other person knowing who we are. On this well known online chatting platform whatever you have in mind you can sans any trouble share without the scare of revealing your real identity. The website has some excellent characteristics like talk to strangers, 1 on 1 chat, random chat, talk to people.

At you do not have to spend any money on getting yourself registered. You can even indulge in a video chat with a person you do not even know. Tohla is an online random chat site.

This no registration fee portal offers some outstanding features to grab regular engagement of its users, and any person can easily benefit from all such features.

The main characteristics of are

  • Very nice smileys
  • Instantaneous random chat with anonymous people
  • Video talking to the strangers
  • And quite many fun things to do

Caution: It is prudent that you steer clear of sharing any intimate details with people whom you do not really know in real. This portal is mainly devised to kill monotony as well as generating fun. So you shouldn't reveal any private details such as your residential address, phone number, etc. any miscreant can use the information against you if you do not pay heed. Random chatting is addictive, so parents should check the timing when their children log on to this portal. Also, indulge in video chatting with people you know.