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If you are feeling boring and nothing to do and don't want to use your brain then TLOONS is the best game. It is web based game and suitable for all ages. The only thing you have to do is just move your mouse and eliminate the TLOONS. They just keep coming until you eliminate them all.

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On July 7, 2017 Mr. T and his army of one trillion TLOONS enters in our digital world just to kill our time. There are mainly four types of TLOONS Yellow, Green, Blue and Red. Red tloon is always looking us with a smirk on his face. There is only one way to kill them all is to switch off the power worldwide for forever. But this is not possible as we know this step kill us too as there is no life without Facebook, WhatsApp, SpaceX, Selfie and all other cool stuff on internet.


After lot of research Mr. Pa (A great scientist) found a way to eliminate Tloons. The only way to kill them is MOUSE. Just move your mouse on them and they will vanish.


Mr. Pa was disappeared on December 31, 2017 leaving a note on this table “We know how we can kill them but they are trillion in numbers and if we kill them all again trillions of them will come again until we get a TLOONS Secret Code”.