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I am bored

If you are feeling bored, then this is for you. One of the most boring games brought by Tohla. If you don't find any stranger of your interest in chat, you can play Tohla boring game.

You don't need an app to play Tohla boring game on your phone or tablet! The web site works great on mobile. This is an excellent way to pass the time.

How to play

No use of brain, No Keys! Just touch or click on black area and sit back until you catch the targeted balls.

What i do? I am bored.

Have you listened to a boring college lecture that makes you fall asleep? How much time have you spent doing nothing but just getting bored? Yes? Then you have an experience of boredom. But what if we're told that boredom is not that simple and dull as it seems at first glance?

Talking about defining the monotony, it is a curious emotion, which can manifest itself in multiple ways, and affects a person either in a constructive way, or can be devastating when completing activities. The latest research shows that boredom is, to a significant extent, connected to attention; while being defined as a state of wanting, it is also unable to engage in a satisfying activity.

Boredom is considered to have three conditions of development: an inability to focus, being aware of this inability and blaming the environment on it. Being bored happens often. People often get bored very soon.

The search for boring games starts with Google. The search ends as there is even an online platform provided for people if they feel they are bored, that is, "I am bored."As the name suggests, it's a great option available online for the boring ones. It is a time pass kind of game. Unlike other apps or games, there is no need for any app.

You can browse on the browser and find this game. The best part is you don't need any special skills or shortcuts. It's as simple as that. You will be provided with a plain black background having colourful tiny balls. The balls are in Brownian motion, i.e. moving in a zig-zag and random direction. What you have to do is to click on the black area and trap the balls as the target demands.

It is a great time to pass. Just sit back and relax and enjoy your boredom!



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