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There are multiple times when we feel bored as well as lonely. On such occasions, we desire to share our feelings as well as thoughts with just anyone. Loneliness is a by-product of our fast-paced life. An online chat room presents us with an opportunity to channelize our thoughts. is a well known online chatting platform where you pick up people randomly and then text chat or video chat with them as per your preference.

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Try these best chat sites also offers the option of video chatting with strangers. Video chat encompasses a lot of fun and excitement. Even for video chatting, you do not have to pay any registration fee. The attractive characteristics of Tohla are 1 on 1 chat, random chat, video chat, and talk to people.

Just log on to the site and do whatever you feel. If you do not like a person to whom you are chatting, you can click on the disconnect button, and the chat ends automatically. The same is true for video chatting also. You can stop it if you feel uncomfortable or uneasy. The site does not allow any obscene or lewd content.

Parents should be careful when their children log on to Chatting should be a leisure time activity. Children should not at all get hooked to them as this way they will be wasting their precious time which could otherwise be spent in constructive activities.

When you log on to Tohla, you get to see two different sets of buttons on the screen. One button is Connect Now, and the other is Video Chat. The “connect now” button is used for text chatting, and video chat button as the name suggests is used for video chatting to a stranger.

Click on the Video Chat button for the purpose of video conferencing over the webcam. Once you are done with chatting, you are supposed to click on “Disconnect” to end the chat conversation.