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Tohla Like or unlike

Tohla is not just a chat application; here, you can find another feature of Tohla Like or unlike. It gives you an option to upload your photo, which will display to strangers while they are chatting. They can rate and comment on your picture. These comments are not visible to anyone. Tohla sent a monthly mail with a unique link to you where you can see all these strangers’ comments.

Find who is hot on Tohla

There is a two-step process to upload your photo on Tohla. First, you have upload photo with necessary information like name, email, unique Tohla name, date of birth, gender, and your introduction, and the second step is to verify your email. You got verification mail once Tohla Moderator reviews your photo and information.

Strangers may share their personal information with you in these comments like email and phone numbers. Our advice is to you that you should not share any personal details with strangers for personal safety.

Tohla Like and Unlike is just for fun.

Removing Photo

Removing a photo from Tohla is easy, In every mail, you received from Tohla there is a link to open your profile, and on this profile page you can easily find the “Delete” button, and you can remove your photo by clicking on Delete link given at the top.


You can report any photo like abusive image, cyberbullying, harassment, Imposter profile, phishing, privacy, scam, spam, underage users, and unwanted contact by an adult.


Underage users photo are not allowed on Tohla Like or Unlike