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Tlice Photo Puzzle

Tlice is a simple photo puzzle game of 3x3 pieces. It is Web-based game no need to install an can run on any browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. You need to drag and drop the pieces to solve the puzzle.

Play Photo Puzzle

There are two ways to create your custom photo puzzle.

  • Uploading a file
  • Or by Image URL

You have an option to create your puzzle by uploading a file from your desktop, or if you are using mobile then you can select images from your phone gallery, or you can take a selfie and upload on Tlice. It will then ask to crop the picture into 3x3 pieces, and after that your puzzle is ready. Now you can share your puzzles with your friends or social networking sites.

All puzzles which are created by Tlice visitors are available in Public Puzzles section of Tlice.

Puzzle for Kids

Puzzle for Kids Kids loves solving our puzzles. There are thousands of puzzles for kids. Puzzles are categorizing into Animals Puzzles, Babies Puzzles, Birds Puzzles, Cartoon Puzzles, Dinosaurs, Flower Puzzles, Fruit Puzzles, Toys, Vegetable Puzzles, and Wild Animals Puzzles. These puzzles enhance kids learning experience and to sharpen their memory. These free and will also help them to develop various skills which include matching, excellent motor skills, recognizing shapes and patterns, etc.

Puzzles for adults

Why the photo puzzles games for kids only? No, Tlice can be solved by anyone by just drag and drop the photo pieces. There are other categories too, like celebrities’ puzzles, history puzzles, and sports puzzles. You can find daily update photo puzzle in public puzzles